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2015, Drawings, Installation, Video



“Smarginatura” is the exhibition title inspired by the novel "L’amica Geniale" by Elena Ferrante.

On this occasion, few of my works were exhibited such as "Solitudine” (“Loneliness"), Macchie di Inchiostro ("Ink Spots"), “Frattura” ("Fracture") and “Percorsi”("Paths") alongside with the photographic series “Memorie” ("Memories") and the video “In Dissolvenza” ("Fade in") who conceptualizes the emotional and relational experiences from childhood to adulthood lived by the main characters.


Smarginatura è il titolo della mostra ispirata al romanzo “L’amica Geniale” di Elena Ferrante.

In questa occasione sono state esposte le opere “Solitudine”, “Macchie d’inchiostro”, “Frattura” e “Percorsi”, la serie fotografica “Memorie” e il video “in Dissolvenza” che concettualizzano le esperienze emotive e relazionali vissute dalle protagoniste dall’infanzia all’età adulta.


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